About Us

A Look Into Our History

37 Wealth has a foundation that has been built upon by our team for over 35 years. A lot has changed since then – the practice has grown, the industry has evolved – and so, too, have our clients. In creating and naming the practice, the ultimate goal was to construct something that was a reflection of our collective past and a statement about our values – past, present and future.

Our Primary Purpose

Thirty-seven is a hat tip to our home state of Nebraska, the 37th state admitted to the union, and although our clientele is national, our roots are deeply Midwestern. We hope that in engaging with us, you see the same honest, hardworking, family-oriented, “no B.S.” people that are characteristic of the towns that we came from and the ones we now live in.

The “Wealth” in our name is a testament to our desire for simplicity and transparency in financial services. People’s financial lives can be incredibly complicated, but we believe the job of a planning team is to distill that into something that is simultaneously plain and useful. We hope to educate clients on the “why”s and to make their implementation, however complicated, seem painless.

Making Meaningful Results Through Teamwork & Collaboration

While our team draws on a long and meaningful history of investment management, helping clients to grow, sustain, and pass on wealth is an endeavor that is far more all-encompassing. Investments still play a role in what we do, but we use them as a tool, and our strategies are built with each family in mind. This allows our clients to pursue the goals that they deem most important. Tax strategies and tax-efficient investing, risk awareness and mitigation, maximization of withdrawal strategies, and of wealth-building tools are all a part of the essence of what we do. We strive to create financial plans for people with a goal that allows them to do what they want to do, when they want to do it, and on their terms.

Client Centered

None of those things on their own would qualify an advisory practice as being unique. For that matter, we don’t believe uniqueness in financial advice is necessarily synonymous with success. We hope that our delivery and reputation separate us. We also hope that our continued growth throughout the past three decades is testament to our clients’ collective experience with us and our ability to change with an industry that never stops changing. The fact that our practice is well-established allows us to continue to grow by choice and not by necessity. We’ll only offer to help you if we think it’s in our mutual interest, and if it’s not, we’ll say so. We believe unfiltered honesty is an advantage for any successful business – and one that benefits each client and potential client individually.

This isn’t some pie-in-the-sky ideal – it’s also a team sport. We care deeply about our clients and their goals, but they can only be achieved with active client participation. While it’s our job to do the hard work and heavy-lifting, our plans are only as good as the attention they receive. You have our word that if you allow us to walk you through the small part, we can help to make sure that the end result is meaningful for you.

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